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Wynter Immigration Law Academy

Dionnie Wynter Pfunde helps Immigration Lawyers & Professionals build their digital law practice while running marathons and traveling the world.

Dionnie Wynter Pfunde

The Managing Attorney of Wynter Law Practice and immigration guru, helping clients navigate their immigration journey.

Who is Wynter Immigration Law Academy right for?

The Immigration Lawyer looking to work from anywhere and leverage social media and technology to grow and streamline their practice. 

What will the Wynter Immigration Law Academy help me with?

  1. It will help turn your business into a Six-Figure Business using our Blueprint.
  2. You get the step-by-step “work from anywhere guide” to build the law firm of your dreams on your own terms!
  3. A 45-minute exclusive and private one-on-one consultation with Dionnie to help you map out your journey and game plan. No plan, no action.
  4. You’ll get the Insider Secret insights into the Wynter Law Practice because Dionnie walks the talk!
  5. Share the Stage with Dionnie on Any Social Media Platform, giving you credibility to her targeted audience and the marketplace.
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How does Wynter Immigration Law Academy work exactly?

Option A: Dionnie gives you the tools you need to succeed, and you follow her formula to obtain results in your own practice.

Option B: Dionnie steps in as a Managing Partner for 6 weeks and puts the plan into action!

Where can I find Wynter Immigration Law Academy?

Right now it’s being offered selectively on a first come, first served basis. Make sure to book an introductory appointment with Dionnie down below so you don’t miss out on this incredible offer to work from anywhere, to have the practice that you want on your own terms.

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